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Hello Dale's Auctioneering Friends & Family!
Here are just a few notes/reminders about changes & what you can expect at Dale's upcoming Auctions:
* "Auction Attendance Waiver" - EVERYONE who attends the auction MUST sign a Covid-19 waiver form to attend the auctions.
* "Germ Guard Windows" - Our Check - In/Out area & Food Service area now have windows to help minimize the spread of germs.
* Chair Spacing - Our chairs are currently in sets of 2 with spacing in between each set & each row. Please DO NOT move chairs unless approved by Dale's Auctioneering.
* "X's and ­čí¬" - On the floor you will see X's and ­čí¬'s . Please try to follow these X's & the flow of the arrows whenever possible as we are expecting this will be a big auction & bring many people.
* Face Masks - Face Masks are highly encouraged for you to wear. However, we cannot enforce them & leave it to our customers to decide what is best for them. If you choose not to wear a mask, we just ask that you maintain proper spacing between yourself & others.
* Payment- cash, check, credit card (5% fee).

ABOVE ALL - We are so very THANKFUL to everyone who has stayed with us & been patient through these tough & trying times. We feel blessed to be back up & running and we look forward to seeing you all at upcoming auctions!