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Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Just a great bunch of people!! We just love going to Dale's Auctions!!

T. Engelsman November, 2019

Before my mom passed, she requested we have Dale & Elaine to auction off items from the home. Today was the contents of my dad's pole barn. We are so grateful for your kindness & for how smoothly the auction went.
C. Bekken May 11, 2019

Dale, Elaine and their crew were a Godsend! They took on an estate home, filled to the brim and had it packed into trucks and on it's way to their auction barn in a matter of hours. I will highly recommend them to friends and family!

S. Haan February 14, 2019

Dale and the other auctioneers are personable and fair as well as GREAT senses of humor!

T. DeRooy September 13, 2017

Dale and Elaine are great people. They have a great staff and are very helpful.

P. Vandenberg June 18, 2017

On auction day Dale and Elaine and their staff workers performed as a fine team. Working quickly, but not hastily, they got through hundreds of items in just a few hours. I was very, very pleased with every phase of the auction. Not only are they a great auction company, but wonderful people with a passion to use their God given gifts to serve those who need their services. I heartily recommend Dales Auctioneering Service for your auction needs. They are a terrific team and even better people.

Staff members met me at our business and at my friend’s house many times, to take pictures for advertisement, and to get some information about various items. Items were researched and advertised properly. A team of workers came to pack and transport all items to their auction house. A lot of time put into arranging that buyers could see them well before the auctions.

K. Wolters March 9, 2015

I've been to several of Dale's consignment auctions. Many of them when I was a child. I always had a lot of fun watching the auctioneers banter with each other and with the bidders. I always managed to find a bargain.

C. Driscoll

My good friend and business partner, passed away from cancer on April 1, 2013. She and I had decided prior to her death that we would close our business by the end of June. We had heard great things about Dales Auctioneering Service and so I called them and explained the situation. They met with me and my friend’s family at her house, and immediately put us at ease about their auction business, explaining everything thoroughly and showing true compassion.

March 19, 2015

Grandpa is the greatest

March 31, 2015